Daniel is a professional hairdresser.
He found that many women often complain that it took them three to four hours to make their hairstyle, and many were still unsatisfied with the result!

He started to think about whether there was a tool that can conveniently and effectively shape hair.

After trying all the hair curving tools that he could find, Daniel was unsatisfied and decided to design a tool that can conveniently and effectively style har.

In 2018, Daniel established the brand PADCIST in Shenzhen.  The company's goal is to provide unique, convenient, and practical beautifying tools. He partnered with Andy, an industrial designer, and friend, who has over 20 years of experience. Together they developed the first MagicRod.

The PADCIST Magic Rod I was born. The MagicRod I revolutionized the industry, it is simple to use and convenient to carry, making it the perfect fit for hairdressers, and fashionable women at home and on the move.

PADCIST believes that the fashion industry should be simple and efficient. We have optimized our production process, pay attention to details, and are committed to offering the most convenient and intelligent high-quality products. We hope everyone can become a beauty and hair care expert and discover their uniquene look.

PADCIST also advocates for continuous improvement, hoping to perfect our products and improve lives through the work, enthusiasm, and creativity of the team.